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It’s been said that stand-up comedy is a ‘Art Form’. Would you heckle a ballet dancer or a painter? Then why do people heckle in a comedy show? We take a look at the subject of Hecklers from the comic view, club manager and even a little legal peek.  In this 30 minute special you’ll hear from a few of  the pro’s like… Late Night Talk Show Veteran, Steve Mittleman, winner of Last Comic Standing, Alonzo Bodden, the recently attacked Tammy Pescatelli, the comic that was banned from performing because of what he said to a heckler, Guy Earle and a few more. If you are a comedian, heckler, a fan of stand-up or in the entertainment biz you really should hear this Hey Get Off My Lawn Special.

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One of the most important things for any comedian to do is make themselves believable to an audience. If one night Jay Leno starts talking about how public transit sucks I would be liable to throw up on my couch, then again just watching Jay Leno would be enough to make anyone throw up.

When it comes to Jesse Popp though I definitely believe what he says. As an example, here is what he has to say on his issues with health insurance: “I haven’t had health insurance for nine years. Which sounds stupid but if you make it to ten you get a free X-ray machine.” They say humor is often linked to shared experiences and while I won’t have an X-Ray machine any time soon I can understand and relate to Popp.

For another example, here is a question at one of his job interviews. When asked to describe his work style Popp blathers out, “I come in on time, and I do the work and stuff.” Apparently there is actually an answer more correct than “doing the work,” and so with sarcasm drooling off his lips he feigns a response saying, “I’m reminded of the Renaissance artist Michelangelo…That’s kind of how I am except instead of marble I work in human resource management systems.”

Jesse Popp’s ‘You Stink’ | AmericasComedy.Com - Comedy News, Comedian Interviews!

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There is a new revolution in the comedy world. Comedy now has its own Netflix site, well sort of. LOLFlix, a site in a class with Netflix, offers stand-ups exclusively.

Laugh Spin reported that Louis C.K., Aziz Ansari, and Jim Gaffigan’s self distribution of their works influenced other comedians to follow their paths. LOLFlix will make it easier for comedians to share their projects and give their fans easier access to it.

Comedian producer, Scott Montoya, is working with comedians to produce original comedy specials. LOLFlix gives comedy fans the option to stream or download stand-up specials that were produced for Showtime. Specials from Louie Anderson, Caroline Rhea, Jon Lovitz, and much more is currently offered on the site.

LOLFlix the New Netflix of Comedy | AmericasComedy.Com - Comedy News, Comedian Interviews!

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Michael Showalter does a pretty good Eugene Mirman impression.

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Laff Hut has gone on vacay

We’ll return at a better venue.

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Laff Hut’s domain registration with GoDaddy expires at the end of the month. We won’t renew because the CEO of GoDaddy, Bob Parsons, shot an elephant. (See the video at the link to Mashable.) You’ll still be able to see our web site at our Tumblr.

Dave Williamson has undoubtedly proven his ability to write and tell jokes. He’s entered the comedy scene with a self-deprecitating yet energetic style that makes his cadence fun and easy to listen to. He has quite the resume after participating and doing well at comedy festivals in Las Vegas, Detroit and South Beach. So with all of his newfound comedy success, it was only natural for Williamson to premiere his first live comedy album, and I’m glad he did because I found it to be a real treat.

Dave Williamson’s ‘Thicker Than Water’ | AmericasComedy.Com - Comedy News, Comedian Interviews!

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Warner Music is undertaking the process of diving into the Warner Library’s archive footage to see what gems they can find. A new YouTube channel called The Warner Sound will be featuring the material and one of the first clips they’ve released is of comedian Steve Martin from 1978. In the video below Martin plays a hilarious sales guy, who starts off by asking the viewer, “How would you…like to win…$1?!” The winner of the $1 has to sell as many of Martin’s Wild and Crazy Guy albums as they can. They also have to fill out a form which asks for their name, religion and sexual orientation. You know, minor details about a person’s life. “Steve Martin knows how to sell a joke,” reads the Warner Sound YouTube channel. “Back in the day, record labels used to make promotional tapes for retail stores hyping their latest releases. This clip from 1978 was known as one of the funniest presentations ever made by Steve Martin, the wild and crazy guy himself.” (via Watch Steve Martin’s ‘A Wild and Crazy Guy’ Sales Promo from 1978 | AmericasComedy.Com - Comedy News, Comedian Interviews!)

In recent years, America has gone through a difficult political time that has left the majority of Americans quite confused. With so many different media outlets trying to make sense of it all, there is one type of person that remains ahead of everybody: the comedian. Through humor and observation the comedian has been able to make things much clearer for the mainstream audience. One particular comedian that has been quite successful at that is San Francisco native Nato Green. Nato recently released his album The Nato Green Party which can be purchased through iTunes, Amazon.com, and RooftopComedy.com. I caught up with Nato in Prospect Park, Brooklyn while he is staying in New York to shoot six episodes of a new series called Totally Biased for FX.

Nato Green: Humanly Political | AmericasComedy.Com - Comedy News, Comedian Interviews!

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You may have heard something today; a low rumble gradually building into an all encompassing roar. If you’ve been wondering what that noise was, let me help you out. That’s the reaction to Adam Carolla’s interview in The New York Post. In it, he says in no uncertain terms that he does not believe women can be as funny as men. The response, that roar I was talking about, could probably be best summed up by the headline Splitsider’s Adam Frucci used to describe the comments: “Shut the Fuck Up, Adam Carolla.”

Adam Carolla Declares Women Aren’t Funny, Joy Behar Wouldn’t Be On TV If She Were ‘A Dude’ | Mediaite

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